Mrs. Malhotra (Reema Lagoo) is the mom of twins, who have been separated at delivery, and she or he solely has one son. Since then she has been in shock and confined in a wheelchair within the USA.

Quiet and mature Prem, (Salman Khan) one of many twins, and his dad (Dalip Tahil) return to India along with Mrs. Malhotra to get Prem married to outgoing and percocious Mala (Karishma Kapoor), who’s the daughter of Mr. Sharma (Kader Khan).

There Prem meets along with his twin brother very outgoing and percocious Raja (additionally Salman Khan), who appears like him, however is precisely the other in nature, A sequence of comedian scenes outcome on account of the twins getting collectively. Raja loves quiet and mature Roopa (Rambha), and each the ladies are confused by the change they understand of their respective lovers.

To muddy the waters Tiger Ratanlal (Mukesh Rishi) has sworn vengeance in opposition to the Malhotra household for what they did to his dad (Deepak Shirke).


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